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Before You Check Your Email for Your Online Training Login and The Profit Book PDF Download-Consider This...

"How are you going to write notes, highlight your
key takeaways and circle your big a-ha's
in "just" the PDF version of the book?"

Get Your Hard Cover Copy Delivered Right to Your
Door for Only $7.97

If you plan to print the PDF version of The Profit Book (ALL 160 PAGES), it will consume almost half of your printer cartridge. The average ink cartridge costs you about $29.00, so it will cost you $14.50 to print the entire PDF.

The hard cover copy of The Profit Book retails for $24.97, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you cover the modest shipping & handling of only $7.97 to receive it (anywhere in the world).

I know, you’re like really...why are you telling me this? Because details matter and that's what I'm all about! When I work with you one-on-one as a client, think about this-if I put this much thought and consideration into a printer cartridge, imagine how much hidden profit I can uncover in your business with this kind of attention to detail!

PS: How about gifting the hard cover copy to a family member, friend or associate?

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